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Residual control through canopy

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After excessive rain at planting, it’s common to question whether the herbicide you applied preemergence will deliver enough residual control into the growing season. Especially in seasons with delayed planting and spraying, you should apply an additional residual herbicide early postemergence to control weeds through canopy.

In seasons with a lot of rainfall, weeds have a longer germination period than normal and the residual length of early applied herbicides may be shortened. When the length of residual control is threatened, weeds are given the chance to grow with young corn plants and rob yield because there isn’t shade from corn canopy yet. You must carefully scout cornfields and apply an additional residual herbicide early postemergence to prevent late flushes of waterhemp and giant ragweed from competing with corn later in the season.

The program approach of SureStart® II herbicide applied preemergence followed by Resicore® herbicide early postemergence provides four modes of action to control the toughest weeds in corn, including herbicide-resistant species. Plus, you can add atrazine and glyphosate to the program for six different modes of action. Resicore is designed to control emerged weeds with extended residual control to control late weed escapes.


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