Corn Weed Control Content


Residual control through canopy

After excessive rain at planting, it’s common to question whether the herbicide you applied preemergence will deliver enough residual control into the growing season.


Overlap residual herbicides to get ahead of Palmer amaranth

Palmer amaranth is a name that strikes dread in the hearts of farmers across the Corn Belt.


Farmers face waterhemp during growing season

While there are dozens of common weeds that threaten yield each season, many Midwest corn growers often face off against waterhemp.


Weed control in Pioneer® brand corn using Resicore® herbicide

Pioneer Product Agronomist Russell French explains how Resicore® herbicide benefits corn productivity.


High yield with SureStart® II herbicide

Steve Crouch from Rushford, Minnesota, has seen some of his highest corn yield while using SureStart® II herbicide.

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