Making Wine With Pressley Vineyards

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In the California Delta, Pressley Vineyards counts on hard work, sustainable practices, faith and a little bit of luck to create quality wines that celebrate everyday. Owners Charlie and Brittany Hamilton made their dream business a reality and are proud to work together as a husband and wife team continuing their families’ rich agricultural histories.

Watch them harvest and press grapes in these “Field Trips” episodes from Tara Beaver Coronado.

Get to Know Pressley Vineyards

How They Got Started

Charlie is a fifth-generation farmer from Rio Vista, California. He grew up on his family ranch, Hamilton Brothers. They specialize in farming dryland crops, as well as cattle and sheep. 

Brittany was raised in Napa Valley, both of her parents work in the wine industry, and she grew up making wine with her family. 

How They’ve Seen Agriculture Evolve

“From a sustainability part, we look at farming from a holistic view. We look at the impact of what we do in the field and how it impacts our crop and its environment as a whole. 

“We are becoming better at implementing the four R's of Modernization (right place, right time, right method, right source). 

“The use of mechanical harvesting, pruning, leaf pulling and multi-row spraying makes farming much more efficient. Even using older forms of farming, such as bringing sheep into our vineyard to graze is both efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.” 

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