Let the Challenges of 2019 Become Lessons for 2020

When one year comes to a close, it’s time to look back, take stock of the year and prepare for the next. 2019 held challenges for soybean farmers across the Midwest, not the least of which was a very wet spring.

Look Back
Excess rain pushed back planting dates and allowed tough weeds to flourish. It’s likely your customers came to you often for advice on controlling weeds, such as marestail, in their soybeans as they dealt with weather issues.

As we plan for 2020, it’s a good idea to take the lessons you and your growers learned this year and apply them for next year’s growing season. Our advice: Plan ahead, yet be flexible enough to adjust plans as challenges, such as unpredictable weather, arise.

Plan Ahead
One of the most important aspects of that planning is to implement a program approach for weed control in your customers’ soybean fields. That program approach should include multiple modes of action to prevent additional resistance from developing in weeds like marestail.

A program approach featuring products from Corteva Agriscience could include applying a residual herbicide such as Sonic® herbicide or DuPont Trivence® herbicide preemergence. If your customers planted Enlist E3® soybeans, they could follow up with a postemergence application that includes either Enlist One® or Enlist Duo® herbicide. You and your customers should include plans for multiple postapplication passes if weeds continue to be persistent

Consider a spring or fall burndown with Elevore® herbicide on your farmers’ soybean fields. Performing a fall burndown helps prevent winter annuals from germinating, overwintering and reemerging in spring.

Don’t Forget
And don’t forget, your customers can save on their soybean herbicide purchases from Corteva Agriscience when they participate in the TruChoice® offer.

Remember, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. If 2019 taught us nothing else, a strong and flexible weed control program can make a challenging year just a little bit easier.

Sonic®, Trivence® and Elevore® are not registered for sale or use in all states. Enlist One® and Enlist Duo® are not registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state or area. Enlist One herbicide and Enlist Duo herbicide are the only 2,4-D products authorized for use in Enlist crops. Always read and follow label directions. The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3® soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Dow AgroSciences LLC and M.S. Technologies, L.L.C.


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