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Cinch® ATZ


Learn how Cinch® ATZ† herbicide provides excellent preemergence control of annual grasses, including barnyardgrass and foxtails, as well as key broadleaf weeds.

Clincher® CA


Read more about Clincher® CA, a postemergence herbicide for selective control of grass weeds in drill- and water-seeded rice in California.

Clincher® SF


If you’re looking for control of a wide spectrum of annual and seedling perennial grasses in rice, check out Clincher® SF, a postemergence grass herbicide.

Closer® SC


See how Closer® SC insecticide provides an excellent combination of speed and residual efficacy on sap-feeding insects across many crop segments.

Cobalt® Advanced


Learn more about Cobalt® Advanced insecticide, a high-performance insect management tool with multiple modes of action that delivers fast knockdown and excellent residual control of a broad spectrum of insects.



Learn how Curtail® herbicide provides outstanding control of Canada thistle and other annual broadleaf species.

Curtail® M


Learn how Curtail® M herbicide provides outstanding control of Canada thistle and other annual broadleaf species.

Curzate® 60DF


Learn more about how Curzate® 60DF fungicide rapidly penetrates plant tissue to stop unseen infections and uniquely helps prevent flare-ups.

Delegate® WG


Read more about Delegate® WG insecticide and the use of an innovative molecule to control a broad spectrum of destructive pests in a variety of tree fruit, citrus, tree nut and vine crops.

Dithane F-45® Rainshield®


Dithane® F-45 fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide containing the active ingredient mancozeb. Dithane has been registered for use on dozens of crops for more than 50 years.

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