Comprehensive crop management solutions

Flexible, robust software and tools for the professional agronomist to address complex agronomic problems.

Looking Forward

For over 20 years, AgStudio has been proud to deliver advanced agronomy software and tools for the agriculture industry. We have successfully transitioned to Granular, please visit the AgStudio Help Center for training and support materials.

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Sampling Automation

Enhance your sampling operations through work order customization, mobile sync to samplers, lab integration, and managerial oversight.


Efficient Sampling Operations

  • Integrate desktop, cloud, and mobile solutions seamlessly to make the sampling process smooth, fast, and accurate from start to finish
  • Customize work orders to contain all the necessary information for efficient, error free sampling
  • Quickly and easily generate bag labels, lab submittal sheets, and maps for sampling crews

Seamless Integration with Testing Labs

  • Support for over 40 testing labs with lab-specific sample options and submittal forms to expedite sampling and improve accuracy
  • Automatically receive and import test results to the correct map layers
  • Emails with the current status of all linked data are automatically sent to you and your lab

Operational Overview with Command Center

  • View sampling work orders at any organizational level
  • Plan efficient deployment of sampling crews
  • View a map of all work orders organized by status
  • Evaluate testing lab backlogs
  • Drill down to the individual field level to troubleshoot any issues

Powerful Variable Rate Recs

A streamlined workflow, from analysis to export, using complex algorithms to generate fertility and seed recommendations that best meet your business needs.


Powerful Engine/Streamlined Approach

  • Utilize the powerful variable rate recommendation engine from AgStudio to create variable rate seeding (VRS) and variable rate fertility (VRF) recommendations
  • Use customized or published university nutrient calculations
  • Create seeding recommendations based on soil types, fertility, irrigation methods, and other management practices to maximize profit, including multi-hybrid recommendations

Keeping Complex Simple

  • Utilize any combination of stored map data and/or user supplied data to generate recommendations
  • Generate recommendations for multiple fields at the same time
  • Perform nutrient recommendation, product formulation, and controller file export in a single step

Multiple Export Options

  • Export prescriptions to over 20 variable rate controller file formats in a single step
  • Save the settings required for any controller for future recall
  • Include maps and product summary reports in the export
  • Send files via email or through OEM wireless data transfer protocols

Easy Access and Analysis of Real-Time Data

Analyze product performance, take advantage of enhanced data capabilities for cotton, access AgStudio data remotely, and engage with wireless data transfer.


Data to Drive Better Business Decisions

  • Evaluate yield results using the web-based AgStudio Product Performance Analyzer (APPA)
  • Determine the right mix of products and practices to optimize production for each field to maximize your economic return
  • Account for environmental and cultural factors, such as soil type and seed variety, for accurate analysis

Data Where and When You Need It

  • Access your data from anywhere using the mobile AgStudio SELECT platform
  • Leverage powerful tools from the desktop version and the web to perform yield analysis, view satellite imagery, and generate fertility and seeding recommendations
  • Create custom maps and reports and share them anywhere, anytime

Collaborate in Real-Time

  • Ensure a seamless flow of data using wireless field operation data transfer
  • Remove the risk of data entry errors
  • Improve operational efficiencies by analyzing data in near real-time
  • Easily share data with others

Best-In-Class Data Capabilities for Cotton

  • Automate cotton harvest data transfer and post-calibrate from the gin
  • Import USDA Cotton classing data from the Cotton Gin using RFID technology
  • Quality data is spatially associated to yield data based on information received from the Cotton Gin