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7 Reasons to Attend the 2021 Trees & Utilities Conference

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Powerline and Trees in Georgia

The 2021 Trees & Utilities Conference has much to offer to utility vegetation managers and urban forestry professionals. From access to leaders in utility vegetation management to career advancement opportunities, this unique event provides multiple ways for industry professionals to learn, improve and engage.  

From Oct. 26-28, the Utility Arborist Association (UAA) and Arbor Day Foundation will team up to host the 2021 Trees and Utilities Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With the help of various utility vegetation managers and urban forestry professionals, this educational event provides attendees with knowledge, insights and networking opportunities that can enhance their programs and advance their professional careers.


7 Reasons To Attend the 2021 Trees & Utilities Conference

1. Access to the latest in utility arboriculture research

Each year, the Trees & Utilities Conference highlights the latest and greatest in utility arboriculture research. From new regulations to cutting-edge technology, attendees receive firsthand access to it all.


2. Best practices and actionable insights

Absorb valuable insights from industry leaders and share them with your colleagues back home! As the chief learning and engagement event in the world for utility vegetation managers, the Trees & Utilities provides the unique opportunity for industry professionals to learn about best management practices for their respective programs.


3. Discussions covering environmental concerns

Providing safe, reliable utility service isn’t the only benefit of integrating industry best practices into your utility vegetation management program. Trees & Utilities also focuses on environmental hot topics and what today’s professionals can do to positively impact ecosystems surrounding the land they manage.


4. Vegetation management trends analysis

Understanding current vegetation management trends is a progressive step toward improving your program. This educational event highlights the industry’s latest developments to help professionals improve results for the communities they serve.


5. Professional development opportunities

This conference provides multiple opportunities for professionals to develop their industry expertise. Looking to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU)? Event attendees can earn the majority of CEUs required each year by the International Society of Arboriculture for the Certified Arborist Utility Specialist.


6. Access to industry leaders

When it comes to advancing your career, who you know can be as important as who knows you. Attending the event alone provides access to a number of industry leaders. Seize the opportunity to create lasting professional relationships!


7. Trade show access

Packed with vendors and sponsors, the Trees & Utilities Conference also offers a trade show that allows industry professionals to meet and speak with representatives from industry-leading groups and brands. This is your chance for an up-close look at the latest products, equipment and research enhancing programs across the country.


As sponsors of the UAA, Corteva Agriscience encourages those interested in attending the 2021 Trees & Utilities Conference to learn more by visiting the event website. Once there, visitors can explore past presentations to get a feel for the type of knowledge and insights that are shared to help industry professionals not only grow and maintain community trees but also provide safe and reliable utility service.


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