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Corn Seed Treatments

Cornfield at ground level

Elite Seeds Deserve Elite Protection

Protect your corn seedlings with industry-leading seed treatments and stop yield-robbing disease, pest and nematode activity before it starts. 


Active Against All Key Nematode Species

Proven performance is delivered as Lumialza™ nematicide seed treatment expands the bio-barrier to shield roots, inhibiting contact and paralyzing nematodes.

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Robust Fungicide Package

Lumiante™ fungicide seed treatment (Ethaboxam) delivers enhanced protection against Pythium-related injury such as root rot and damping off.

Lumiflex™ fungicide seed treatment (Ipconazole) provides best-in-class protection against Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Head Smut.

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Unique Insecticide Package

Broad-spectrum protection against early-season insects through Lumisure™ insecticide seed treatment (Clothianidin).

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Broaden your insecticide package by offering Lumivia® insecticide seed treatments (Chlorantraniliprole) and get two modes of action on leading damaging insects. 

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Complete corn package includes color and polymer.