A Guide to Improve Landowner Communications

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Notify Your Neighbor

Notification of vegetation management along rights-of-way is important. An effective notification program can increase compliance, reduce complaints and improve productivity.


Corteva Agriscience has developed Notify Your Neighbor, a resource guide containing strategies, techniques and key messages for effective communications with landowners and the general public.

Program Overview

To help vegetation managers effectively discuss IVM programs with today’s landowners, this guide contains five key sections that dive into important topics and provide additional resources to review, such as instructional videos or informative brochures. Vegetation managers can study this tool in their own time to prepare for effective conversations with landowners.

Notification Programs

Representative Talking

The importance of notification and information on public attitudes about Integrated Vegetation Management.

Communication Skills

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Two crucial communications techniques: I-N-F-O-R-M and A-B-C.

Public Interaction

Public Interaction

Verbal and nonverbal communications skills, ways to assess an audience, how to deal with different personality types and tips on defusing anger.

Key Messages

Key Messages

The important skills of developing, practicing and communicating while using key messages around topics like herbicide safety and the benefits of vegetation management.

Habitat Benefits

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Communicating how properly maintained rights-of-way benefit native habitat and wildlife populations.

Resources You Can Use

We’ve compiled all the additional resource materials contained in this program into one location for easy printing or sharing.

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