Communication Skills

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Communication Skills

To help make the notification experience a little easier and more consistent, we’ve developed two techniques — INFORM and ABC — to use when communicating with landowners.


INFORM is a handy procedure that enhances your notification skills. This type of technique and a little practice should help you feel more confident in these situations.

INTRODUCE yourself

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A simple, pleasant greeting, such as “Good afternoon, I’m ______________ …” is a good way to begin a conversation. If you have a picture ID, show it to the landowner immediately.

Give the NAME of your company.

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Identify who you work for as quickly as possible. Again, your ID enhances your credibility.

State the FACTS about the work to be done.

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Tell people exactly what operations you plan to do along with the date and approximate time.

Mention the OBJECTIVES and benefits of Integrated Vegetation Management.

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Provide reasons for the work to be done, such as providing reliable power or improving visibility along roads for drivers and pedestrians.

RESPOND to questions.

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Provide answers to landowners’ questions and leave appropriate literature.

MAKE a good last impression.

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Before you leave, be sure landowners know who to contact if they have any questions.

A-B-C: Acknowledge - Bridge - Communicate

Using the ABC technique can help you better address landowner concerns and is particularly helpful when answering questions.

1. Acknowledge the person’s question and/or concern.
2. Bridge statements can be used to connect Acknowledge to the Communication section.
3. Communicate your key messages.

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Communication Skills

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