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Read about the latest trends and best practices impacting corn farmers.    

Temperature inversion

Air Temperature Inversions

Watch the weather and dust patterns to prevent corn herbicides from causing off-target issues.

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US drought outlook 2021

Herbicide Carryover Concerns

Drought areas, high or low soil pH and long herbicide life can cause yield loss in corn. We have advice to counter those concerns.

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Spraying corn

6 Tips for Tank-mixing Success

The right tank mix can help ensure a successful corn herbicide application. The wrong mix can leave you with a mess. Here's how to get it right this season.

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Farmer in early season corn field

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From the field

Industry experts share their on-farm perspectives.

Spring corn planting

Protect Yield Potential

This video offers a few friendly reminders for this planting season to optimize your corn yield potential.

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Kochia: The Early Bird Controls the Weed

Kochia is a fast mover in the weed world. It emerges early and germinates quickly. Move faster to keep it under control.

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