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Find the latest in weed control, including tips, expert insights and product information for corn farmers.

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Read about the latest trends and best practices impacting corn farmers.    


Herbicide Resistance Is Persist

Can herbicide resistance be reversed? The unfortunate answer is no. DTN/Progressive farmer explains why.

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Drone scouting

Corn Scouting by Drone

Is drone scouting the right move for your cornfields? DTN/Progressive Farmer examines the process and how it might work for you.

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Weeds in corn

Time Your Postemerge Application

The days of controlling 12-inch weeds with glyphosate alone are gone. A University of Nebraska weed scientist brings the latest advice to time your postemergence herbicide application for maximum control.

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From the field

Industry experts share their on-farm perspectives.

Weed myths

Debunking 4 Common Weed Control Myths

Have you ever heard using herbicides causes “super weeds”? Corteva Agriscience field scientist Joe Armstrong debunks this and three other weed control myths.

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Tractor spraying

Creating a New Herbicide Formulation

Look behind the curtain at what goes into creating a new herbicide formulation from Corteva Agriscience and the value over generic products.

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