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Find the latest in weed control, including tips, expert insights and product information for corn farmers.

Tips and Insights

Read about the latest trends and best practices impacting corn farmers.

Kochia burndown

Fall Weed Control

Growers battling marestail, kochia and winter annuals can get a cleaner start next spring with targeted applications this fall.

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Cereal Rye field

Cover Crop Termination

Timing is essential to maximize both cover crop benefits and corn crop success.

What to consider
Corn harvest with combine on horizon

Weed Control Tips

Read about weed control steps you can take throughout the year. We go season-by-season with specific tips for each one.

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Farmer in early season corn field

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From the field

Industry experts share their on-farm perspectives.

Palmer Amaranth top view

A Spotlight on Palmer Amaranth

Learn why Palmer amaranth is so resistant and such a difficult weed to control.

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Mature Cocklebur

Common Cocklebur: A Common Headache

Cocklebur is changing up its routine and bringing new challenges to Midwest cornfields. Learn how to control it.

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