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Keeping Pests Where They Belong: Out.

Whether they’re as tiny as a termite or as big as a raccoon, pests in residential and commercial buildings pose a threat to building safety and public health. Corteva Agriscience delivers the trusted solutions pest management professionals need to give their clients peace of mind and build a thriving business. 

Pest Control That Works as Long as Pests Do: 24/7.

The most successful pest control starts with understanding each pest’s behavior and then developing solutions that prey on those behaviors for successful pest management. That’s what makes our products lead the industry — extensive research, innovative control approaches, and the training and support to ensure results. 

The Sentricon® System

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The Sentricon® system is the No. 1 brand in termite protection. Developed through extensive research on subterranean termite behavior, the Sentricon system targets the entire termite colony. Certified Sentricon Specialist install Sentricon stations in the soil in a protective ring along the perimeter of the home or structure. Termites eat the patented bait in the stations and share it with the rest of the colony, which eliminates the entire colony, including the termite queen.


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The ActiveSense® System

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The ActiveSense® system is a breakthrough in the battle against rodents. It’s a 24/7 remote monitoring technology that provides detailed information about rodent activity in and around your business. The system more quickly addresses rodent challenges today while helping prevent problems tomorrow.

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Hex-Pro® System

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The Hex-Pro® System protects homes and other structures from subterranean termites. Installed by pest management professionals, Hex-Pro in-ground stations are placed around the structure and inspected regularly for signs of termite activity. When termite activity is found, a bait proven by more than 20 years of successful use is placed in the stations to control the termite colony.

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