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Rural Women: Sustaining Nations

Rural women represent more than a quarter of the global population. They cultivate land, plant seeds and feed nations. They are an indispensable part of agriculture, but are still searching for their space in the industry: a space with easy access to technology, property and financing. A space full of opportunities and free of prejudice.

Women's Land Army

Women in Ag

Shaping Our Food Supply and Farming Methods

The successes of U.S. agriculture wouldn’t have been possible without the outstanding contributions of women scientists and farmers.

Meet the Innovators

Growing Tomorrow’s Stories – Women in Agriculture

Women take on many roles in agriculture. They are farmers, agronomists, livestock caretakers, dairy experts, educators and facilitators. Their contributions to agriculture are second to none. Hear from some of the women of Corteva Agriscience on how their roles in agriculture were shaped and how they plan to make an impact on the future. The journey may be long, but it is worth taking.

Overcoming Challenges

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Barriers Persist

Women in agriculture say barriers to equality persist and removal could take decades, a study by Corteva reveals.

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Warriors - A Partnership of Corteva and IICA

The second edition of this book is intended to launch a discussion on policies that will improve the lives of rural women.

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