Trait Stewardship

Corteva is committed to bringing new technologies to the marketplace in a responsible manner and promotes practicing responsible Insect Resistance Management, Herbicide Resistance Management and Grain Marketing decisions to ensure crop options.

Technology Use Agreement and Product Patents

As a trait developer, Corteva helps ensure out traits are grown and marketed in a way that meets all regulatory requirements. Growers must sign a Technology Use Agreement before obtaining, planting, or growing seed containing Corteva traits, including the Enlist Trait. The Annual Technology Notification, which communicates important information to you about new and existing Corteva Sourced Technologies as well as any new or modified terms in the Technology Use Agreement, is incorporated into the Technology Use Agreement.

Technology Use Agreement:

Product Patents


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Product Use Guides

Stewardship is achieved by adherence to the Technology Use Agreement, Product Use Guides, and product labels. The Product Use Guides set forth the requirements for growing Corteva trait technologies, which include adhering to applicable Insect Resistance Management and Herbicide Resistant Management practices. Complying with the terms in both the Product Use Guides and the Corteva Technology Use Agreement is essential to maintaining grower access and use of trait technologies.

Product Use Guides:



Trait Technology Safety Data Sheets

Trait technology Safety Data Sheets provide growers with information relating to the protection of human health, safety in the workplace, protection of the environment, and supporting emergency response. To view the latest trait technology Safety Data Sheets, click here.

China Safety Certificate

Corteva helps growers understand and meet their grain and marketing responsibilities. The Chinese government requires a comprehensive safety assessment for all imported biotech events. Additionally, in order to obtain import approval for grain or byproducts from biotech crops, grain handlers must submit a Safety Certificate obtained from the biotech trait developer.

Click on the requested Event below to request a copy of the China Safety Certificate:


Event DP4114 (Corn Insect Trait) Expires: December 20, 2021
Event TC1507 (Herculex® I Corn) Expires: December 20, 2021
Event DAS-59122-7 (Herculex® RW Corn) Expires: December 20, 2021
Event DAS-40278-9 (Enlist Corn) Expires: June 11, 2025


Event DAS-44406-6 (Enlist E3™ Soybean) Expires: December 20, 2021 
Event DP-305423-1 and/or DP-305423-1 X MON094032-6 (Plenish® Soybean) Expires: December 2, 2022
Event DAS-81419-2 (Conkesta™ Soybean) Expires: December 2, 2022