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Inputs & Insights

Inputs & Insights

Crop protection tips, product solutions and industry insights to help ag retailers serve their customers.

Management Tips

On-farm best practices for maximizing yield and profitability

Man examining corn leaves for disease

Stay Ahead of Disease

Here are five ways to stay ahead of diseases like tar spot and white mold this season.

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Ground level view of healthy soybeans

Improve Soybean Yield

While weeds and other pest pressures will vary by operation, you can rely on these three strategies to maximize soybean yield.

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Herbicide mixing

Common Tank-mix Mistakes

While tank-mixing can bring you and your customers improved weed control, convenience and efficiencies, each product added to the tank also increases the potential for negative interactions.

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Industry Insights 

Crop protection success stories and tips for connecting with customers

Sprayer in harvested corn field -No til soybeans

Herbicide Options for No-till Soybeans

See which herbicides are recommended for fall and spring burndown applications. 

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Nitrogen spreader

Nitrogen Stabilization Myths, Debunked

Are your customers considering a nitrogen stabilizer? We debunked some of the most common nitrogen management and stabilization myths, so you can help them make the best choice for their operation.

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Managing for Profit

Stay current with up-to-date farming trends. These short segments feature experts from Corteva Agriscience talking about a variety of corn and soybean topics with Brownfield Ag Radio’s Mark Dorenkamp.

 Field Facts

Tools to identify and control the weeds, diseases and pests that threaten yield

Waterhemp leaves top view

Field Facts: Waterhemp

Waterhemp is no doubt one of the most challenging weeds that Midwest corn and soybean growers face today.

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Tar spot on corn leaf

Field Facts: Tar Spot

Get resources to help guide customers’ tar spot management decisions.

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Giant foxtail

Field Facts: Giant Foxtail

Giant foxtail accounts for more yield loss than yellow or green foxtail at similar densities.

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Crop protection tips, product solutions and industry insights to help ag retailers serve their customers.

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