Inputs & Insights

Inputs & Insights

Crop protection tips, product solutions and industry insights to help ag retailers serve their customers.

Management Tips

On-farm best practices for maximizing yield and profitability

September harvest

Scouting From the Combine

Jump in the combine and learn how scouting now can set your customers up for success next year.

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Kochia closeup

Resistant Kochia is on the Move

Herbicide-resistant kochia may be making its way to fields near yours. We have what you need to know.

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Look at Nitrogen Loss

A Closer Look at Nitrogen Loss

Nitrogen is an important and expensive input, but it’s vulnerable to loss as soon as it’s applied. 

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Industry Insights 

Crop protection success stories and tips for connecting with customers

Enlist Tech Center

Tech Centers Feature the Enlist™ Technology

Regional field tours help farmers interested in adopting the Enlist weed control system learn how to get effective performance.

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IL farmer and retailer in corn field

Fighting Corn Weeds With a Program Approach

Controlling troublesome weeds is a team effort for this farmer and retailer.

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 Field Facts

Tools to identify and control the weeds, diseases and pests that threaten yield

Giant Foxtail

Giant Foxtail

This weed can take a bite out of your customers’ corn yield. Find control solutions now.

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Frogeye Leaf Spot

Frogeye Leaf Spot

This disease can cause up to 35% crop loss in soybeans if left to flourish. Learn how to control it.

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Prickly sida

Prickly Sida

This summer annual broadleaf can cause up to 10% yield loss in soybean fields.

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Crop protection tips, product solutions and industry insights to help ag retailers serve their customers.

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