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Inputs & Insights

Inputs & Insights

Crop protection tips, product solutions and industry insights to help ag retailers serve their customers.

Management Tips

On-farm best practices for maximizing yield and profitability

Marestail seedling

Withdrawl From the Weed Seedbank

A single marestail plant can produce up to 200,000 seeds, so it only takes a couple of seasons to take over a field. Learn how to better manage the weed seedbank.

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Corn harvest

Prep for Corn Harvest '22

Here are three tips to help you and your customers end the season on a high note.

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Drought stressed corn

Combat Drought-stressed Corn

As demand for water increases around tasseling time, so does the potential yield loss when drought occurs during this growth stage. 

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Industry Insights 

Crop protection success stories and tips for connecting with customers

Sprayer in harvested corn field -No til soybeans

Herbicide Options for No-till Soybeans

See which herbicides are recommended for fall and spring burndown applications. 

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Soy cover crop

Keys to Cover Crop Success

Help your customers maximize the return on their cover crop investment. 

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Managing for Profit

Stay current with up-to-date farming trends. These short segments feature experts from Corteva Agriscience talking about a variety of corn and soybean topics with Brownfield Ag Radio’s Mark Dorenkamp.

 Field Facts

Tools to identify and control the weeds, diseases and pests that threaten yield

Gray leaf spot on corn leaf

Field Facts: Gray Leaf Spot

Gray leaf spot is an annual threat in cornfields from the Midwest to the Atlantic Coast. Here are three strategies you can use to control this disease.

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Morning Glory

Field Facts: Morningglory

While morningglories may look great in the garden, they aren’t so welcome in corn and soybean fields. 

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White mold

Disease of the Month: White Mold

White mold has more than 400 alternate plant hosts — including many common weeds and crops — making this disease nearly impossible to eradicate once it infects soybean fields.

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Crop protection tips, product solutions and industry insights to help ag retailers serve their customers.

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