Inputs & Insights

Inputs & Insights

Crop protection tips, product solutions and industry insights to help ag retailers serve their customers.

Management Tips

On-farm best practices for maximizing yield and profitability

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Corn Weed Scouting Checklist

Help your customers stay on track in their cornfields this season. We have friendly reminders for timely weed scouting milestones.

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Planning a Weed Control Program

Before the planters roll this spring, make sure your customers’ weed control plans are in place. Follow this guide to help keep their cornfields clean.

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Spraying Enlist

Enlist™ System Field Planning

Crop placement can make a significant impact on a farmer’s success with herbicide trait technologies.

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Industry Insights 

Crop protection success stories and tips for connecting with customers

Examining soybeans

Set Customers Up for Success

With planting season arriving, have your customers locked in their program approach to control tough weeds? We have expert tips and resources for you to help them.

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UAN application

Get the Max Out of Urea and UAN Applications

In this video, two experts provide tips to optimize spring urea and UAN applications. Use them to maximize yield potential. 

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 Field Facts

Tools to identify and control the weeds, diseases and pests that threaten yield



Common lambsquarters can cut yield from corn and soybeans. We have advice to protect your customers’ fields and ROI from this weed.

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Giant Ragweed

Giant Ragweed

Giant ragweed isn’t just a problem for those with allergies. It’s a major headache for farmers, too. Find solutions to keep it from hurting your customers’ yield.

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Common Waterhemp


Waterhemp is notorious for reducing yield in corn and soybeans. It’s also one of the most resistant weeds your customers deal with. Learn what makes it so difficult and how you can control this troublesome weed.

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Crop protection tips, product solutions and industry insights to help ag retailers serve their customers.

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