Healthy Oils

No One Calls Them Superfoods. Maybe They Should.

A healthier fat profile. The performance chefs demand. The taste consumers want. And all available in a reliable supply. That’s an excellent business proposition for everyone, and it starts with seed from Corteva Agriscience.

No Trans Fats for Consumers. All the Right Traits for Farmers.

Healthy oils are in high demand. With high oleic soybean seeds and canola seed from Corteva Agriscience, farmers can realize the high-profit potential of the Omega-9 Oils market, supported by the agronomics they know and trust from Pioneer.

Omega-9 Oils

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Omega-9 oils have a unique combination of high oleic, low-linolenic and low-saturated fatty acids that gives the oils superior health, performance and flavor attributes. The high stability leaders for more than a decade, Omega-9 Canola and Sunflower Oils are the proven solutions for the foodservice and food processing industries.

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Plenish® high oleic soybean oil

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Health-conscious consumers expect foods with labels that say 0g trans fat. Food manufacturers and restaurants are transitioning to oils that can meet this demand without sacrificing performance — or the taste that keeps their customers coming back. Farmers want a soybean with strong agronomics and increased demand. Enter Plenish® high oleic soybeans — a Pioneer® brand soybean with a healthier oil profile and increased oil stability. 

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