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Range & Pasture Steward

Learn about seasonal opportunities, rancher success stories, and management strategies for pastures and rangeland.

Seasonal Opportunities

There's no off-season for pasture management. We provide year-round solutions to help maximize your grazing resource. 

Set pastures up for success

Now is a great time to think about pasture management and develop a plan that will help you maximize your grazing program next year.

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A pasture herbicide application

Fall is weed control season

Fall is an ideal time to catch up on weed control, especially following wetter than normal weather conditions.  

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Fall spraying solves problems

Theres still time to treat winter annuals such as henbitand other susceptible species. Discover our fall treatment recommendations.

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Species Specifics

Read about managing specific weed and brush species. 



Assess how the pigweed encroachment would affect cattle performance on bermudagrass pastures.

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perilla mint

Perilla mint

Kill perilla mint in your pastures before it can do the same to your herd. Trust in DuraCor® herbicide to remove tough weeds that threaten your operation.

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Stewardship & Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t a goal. It’s an ongoing and ever-changing challenge. As the original stewards of the land, cattlemen and cattlewomen are tasked to continuously evolve, innovate and strive to be better producers than ever before.

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Range & Pasture Steward Library

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