Stewardship & Sustainability

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Black cow grazing

Sustainability isn’t a goal. It’s an ongoing and ever-changing challenge. As the original stewards of the land, cattlemen and cattlewomen are tasked to continuously evolve, innovate and strive to be better producers than ever before. Corteva Agriscience is proud to support these efforts and initiatives in various programs and sponsorships.


We’re temporary caretakers of our land; to be sustainable for future generations, we must leave our land better than we found it. Established in 1991, the Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP) provides an opportunity for the beef industry to acknowledge producers who go the extra mile when it comes to preserving and enhancing the resources on their land.


From calf on the ground to beef in the market, sustainability is a balance of environmental, social and economics. All while meeting the global demand for beef. 

  • Environmental responsibility has always been a key factor in sustainability. We must manage natural resources with the goal to protect and improve the land you’ve been entrusted.

  • Our social diligence is to provide the best animal care and welfare while delivering a safe and nutritious product to consumers. 

  • Economic opportunity is to offer consumers an affordable product while maintaining an economically viable operation, which contributes to rural economies. 




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