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This is your turf. Let’s help you make the most of it.

Golf. Lawn. Landscape. Ornamentals. No matter your job or market, you aren’t defined by one title. You’re a consultant + a guardian. A steward + a visionary. A grower + a curator. You’re a hard worker, a partner, + the one everyone relies on to get the job done. Our promise? Whatever challenges you face, we’ve got solutions and control tips to help you succeed.

The short list for your biggest challenges

Each of our products starts with one question: “What’s your biggest challenge?” Your needs drive us and lead to solutions that work for you.

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Cut bottom line costs by updating your product portfolio

“Our new portfolio has saved me on both time and the amount of applications needed to get control. Overall, it’s less costly for my bottom line.” 

– Tyler Holt, Golden Landscaping and Lawn

Cut costs

Learn how to tackle your specific challenges

When it comes to the challenges you face, you’re the expert. We’re here to help you tackle those challenges and bolster your business.


You’re more than the weeds you control. Every day you make decisions that help you and those you care about succeed. Together, let’s outperform the competition and create growth opportunities for your business.  

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Weed ID Guide

Effective weed control starts with identification. Learn to identify 90+ grassy and broadleaf weeds.

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Corteva Ultimate Rewards

The power is in your hands. Don’t miss special offers and rebates with Corteva Ultimate Rewards. 

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Set Your Course

All you need for turf and ornamental maintenance and product info. Upgrade your operation with Set Your Course.  

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