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Carbon Programs 101

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Whether carbon buzz has filled your Twitter feed or your neighbor just enrolled some acres, you’re bound to have questions about carbon markets and the many programs out there. Let’s start by answering the basics. 

What’s a Carbon Program and How Does It Work?

Corporations face increasing pressure from investors, employees and customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. To offset their pollution, these companies purchase carbon credits as a way to “make up” for their emissions today, and agriculture is one of the avenues to do that.

Carbon programs help farmers generate carbon credits from implementing soil health practices that sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and into their soil. These practices include cover cropping and reduced tillage

This simple overview shows how it works: 

What’s the Role of a Company Like Corteva Agriscience in a Carbon Market?

Imagine the time, effort, and science needed to generate and sell a carbon credit. To get paid, farmers must measure their carbon sequestration rates field by field, certify their credits with regulatory bodies, and then negotiate credit prices with individual companies. 

Corteva helps farmers click the “easy button” on carbon by acting as an aggregator — helping you access a carbon credit marketplace while building trust among buyers that they’re purchasing premium, certified credits.

How Can I Start Earning Credits? 

Farmers can access numerous newly launched carbon programs. Many pay $5-$20 per acre/year for the greenhouse gas (GHG) sequestered by introducing eligible regenerative practices like cover cropping and/or reduced tillage. Many also require farmers to sign a long-term contract (in some cases from 10 to 20 years) to implement these practices and submit practice data annually. From there, farmers receive a yearly cash payout for the verified and validated practices they’ve implemented, either by acre or credits earned.

How Does Corteva’s Carbon Initiative Differ From Other Programs? 

Here’s how our program works:

Corteva launched its Carbon Initiative with farmers in mind, taking the risk out of an emerging marketplace and allowing you to engage on your terms. We offer: 

  • Flexibility: Commit only for two years to sell your credits to Corteva at $15/ton (est. $5 - $20 acre/year). After two years, continue with Corteva or opt out and find your preferred carbon buyer as these markets evolve. 
  • Confidence: Get paid in cash for 100% of your verified credits, and rest easy knowing we already have companies lined up to purchase your credits. 
  • Simplicity: Use Corteva’s free, easy-to-use farm management software, Granular Insights, to securely log practices with the help of your Corteva advisor every step of the way. 


Interested in learning more and talking with an expert? Get started now or contact your Pioneer sales representative or other Corteva advisor.

What to Look for in a Carbon Contract

Not sure which carbon program to trust? Here are 6 features to look for in any carbon contract.

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