Weed Control Timing in Wheat Is Critical

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weeds in a wheat field  

Weather, resistance, crop restrictions and the desire to rotate modes of action impact weed management decisions in wheat.

We asked Corteva Agriscience Market Development Specialist Bridgette Readel what factors need to go into the decision-making process when creating a successful season-long weed control plan.

Q: What is the first question you consider when developing a weed control plan?

A: What weeds are we trying to control? While there may be a laundry list of weeds present, it’s important to determine which weeds are the most problematic. With that information, we can pinpoint which products are best suited for control to ultimately produce the highest yield possible.

Q: When choosing a herbicide, what goes into your decision-making process?

A: When choosing a herbicide, consider which weeds must be controlled at this stage (which is the weed(s) of most concern), along with rotational restrictions, application rates and timing. Ultimately, it comes down to achieving the most effective control, without having to go back and do it again.

Q: How do you determine the right time to apply a herbicide?

A: Effective weed control depends on weed size and crop maturity. If both the weed and crop are at an appropriate stage for effective control, check weather conditions for the next three to five days. Finally, what else is going into the spray tank? Depending on which other products are going into the spray tank, ideal timing may change.  

Failure to properly time herbicide sprays or choose the most effective product for the job can result in a lack of weed control or may require a future rescue treatment, costing you more money and time. Ultimately, this can lead to a poor-quality crop and lack of yield.

When it’s time to treat your wheat with a herbicide, ask yourself these questions to help find the right product, for the right weeds, at the right time. It also never hurts to start doing your research early.

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