Solve Evolving Challenges in Rice Production

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Rice production is an ever-changing industry. Each year is exciting and brings on new challenges, says Kim Landry, a consultant with GreenPoint Ag in Roanoke, Louisiana.

Landry takes satisfaction in walking the fields, identifying a problem and creating a solution.

“A new season brings an opportunity to learn and grow,” Landry says. “Today’s biggest challenge is helping farmers to be financially sound and profitable. If I make recommendations that aren’t cost-effective, it limits their ability to survive.”

Solution for Challenging Weeds

When it comes to protecting rice from yield-robbing weed competition, fall panicum and sprangletop are Landry’s two biggest challenges. As he scouts fields and evaluates options, RebelEX® herbicide is one solution that often fits his needs.

“RebelEX is like a security blanket because it’s a complete herbicide product,” Landry says. “When I’m checking fields, I have confidence it will control my grass and aquatic weeds.

“It takes care of a variety of weeds like sprangletop, fall panicum and hemp sesbania. It’s a savior for me because it helps in any situation and it really comes through.”

Mix Modes of Action

Barnyardgrass is an evolving threat, particularly because Landry is starting to see resistance in his area. He advocates using different modes of action to protect against resistance.

“I’ve had situations where I used propanil or FACET and it just didn’t get the kill that I wanted,” he says. “But I know I have RebelEX in my toolbox for control. RebelEX combines two modes of action to control many weeds in our fields, especially barnyardgrass.”

Rewards of Rice Production

No matter what challenges Landry overcomes this year, he’ll be back next season.

“Whether you’re a rice farmer or consultant, it’s in your blood,” Landry says. “There’s a satisfaction in working with Mother Nature. Providing food for the world is rewarding in itself.”






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