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Managing Weeds in Early Planted Soybeans

Planting soybeans early can result in higher yield. However, the practice comes with challenges, one being weed control. In this article, read expert tips to keep fields clean and reap the benefits of planting soybeans early.

And you can find more resources on this topic, including a fact sheet, soybean herbicide info and audio, farther down this page.

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Build Your Early Planted Soybean Weed Control Program

If you plant soybeans early, you need weed control that can protect your crop for several months. A program approach that includes multiple modes of action and extended residual activity can help ensure maximum soybean yield potential while preventing herbicide resistance. Find effective burndown, pre- and postemergence solutions for your acres in this program approach guide.

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Find the Right Soybean Herbicides for Your Acres

As you build your early planted soybean weed control program, learn more about the powerful, flexible herbicides in the Corteva Agriscience portfolio. Read about the features and benefits of these solutions to see which will work best on your soybean acres.

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Managing for Profit on Brownfield

Corteva Agriscience crop protection experts share the latest agronomic insights on the Managing for Profit radio program on Brownfield Ag News. Listen to past episodes and find complementary informational resources. 

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