Handling a Skipped Preemergence Application

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Sometimes even the best-laid plans unravel because of uncontrollable factors. For farmers, that can mean spring plans to apply a critical preemergence herbicide in soybean fields is derailed by bad weather. If that’s the case, they may be looking for the best options to ensure weeds don’t take over and cut into yield potential. 

Unfortunately, this scenario has played out in many areas of the country, as the last couple of springs have seen farmers fighting just to get soybeans in the ground. When they plant, but then have to skip a preemergence application, it’s important to work with them to make the best of the situation. It starts with making a solid early postemergence recommendation to get weeds under control.   

One effective recommendation is to include a Group 15 herbicide, such as DuPont™ EverpreX® herbicide. It provides vital early season residual control of waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and additional glyphosate-resistant weeds, as well as residual grass and small-seeded broadleaf control. 

It’s flexible too. EverpreX gives farmers a wide application window, including early preplant, preplant incorporated, preemergence and postemergence (up to 90 days before harvest). That flexibility extends to the recropping adaptability when rotating from soybeans to other crops and the easy-to-use formulation, which is compatible with many other soybean herbicides. 

EverpreX is also a good choice for farmers who planted Enlist E3® soybeans. A tank mix of Enlist One® herbicide with EverpreX is a great weed control program. Learn more about the rewards available to farmers with Enlist E3 soybeans and who use a program approach that includes crop protection products from Corteva Agriscience

To learn more about how Corteva Agriscience™ soybean herbicides can keep your customers’ fields clean, contact your Corteva Agriscience territory manager. 


The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3 soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Dow AgroSciences LLC and MS Technologies LLC. Enlist Duo® and Enlist One® herbicides are not registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your area. Enlist Duo and Enlist One herbicides are the only 2,4-D products authorized for use with Enlist crops. EverpreX is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.