Reduce the Cost of Early Season Soybean Weeds

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Once weeds rob yield, growers cannot get yield back. While unsteady commodity prices may tempt your customers to lower their weed control investment, allowing soybeans to compete with weeds throughout the season will steal dollars at harvest. 

If weeds were left uncontrolled in corn and soybean fields, U.S. and Canadian yield would be cut by about 50 percent. This would result in $43 billion in annual economic losses to those two crops alone, according to a study by Weed Science Society of America and Kansas State University. 

"Many growers understand that the best way to lower their cost per bushel or, in some cases, minimize their loss, is to choose inputs that provide the best yield results," says Scott Pringnitz, market development specialist, Corteva Agriscience™. 

Although any weed can cause yield loss at high populations, waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, marestail, giant ragweed and morningglory are some of the most challenging to manage with single-application herbicide programs. 

"Growers simply cannot be profitable if they fail to keep these weeds under control," Pringnitz says. "A residual herbicide is the best money spent in controlling many of these challenging weeds." If weeds are allowed to get very large, growers may not have any options to control them or protect yield regardless of how much he or she is willing to spend. 

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