New Tool Protects Soybean Yield

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Lady bug on soybeans

Heavy infestations of soybean aphid can reduce soybean yield by 40% or more.

For years, growers have primarily relied on pyrethroids to control these yield-robbing pests, but resistance development is necessitating a change. Now, in time for the 2022 growing season, there’s a new weapon in the battle against pyrethroid-resistant soybean aphids and other sap-feeding and chewing pests.

Ridgeback insecticide from Corteva Agriscience delivers both trusted and novel control with two active ingredients - Isoclast® active and bifenthrin. With Isoclast active, Ridgeback insecticide delivers a novel Group 4C mode of action. Discovered by Corteva Agriscience, Isoclast active has translaminar movement, allowing product that is sprayed on the upper surface of leaves to move through the leaves and control even the pests on the undersides, outside of the direct line of spray. With Ridgeback and Isoclast active there's no place to hide.

With two modes of action, Ridgeback, targets multiple pest issues and achieves fast knockdown and lasting control of pests, including pyrethroid-resistant soybean aphids, Japanese beetles, bean leaf beetles and twospotted spider mites.

In three years of studies testing the efficacy of Ridgeback against pyrethroid-susceptible and pyrethroid-resistant soybean aphids, Ridgeback outperformed competing treatments in high pest pressure situations.

At two to four days after application, a 10.3-ounce rate of Ridgeback decreased aphid populations to an average of 11 aphids per plant. In comparison, researchers documented an average of 125.4 aphids per plant after an application of Warrior II insecticide and 290.9 aphids per plant in the untreated check.

About three weeks after application, researchers counted 38.3 aphids per plant in the Ridgeback plot, as compared with 228.2 aphids per plant in the Warrior II plot and 182.2 aphids per plant in the untreated check.1

Other key advantages of Ridgeback insecticide include quick knockdown, long-lasting residual control, and tank-mix and application flexibility.

Improve plant productivity and protect yield with a product that provides comprehensive, reliable broad-spectrum protection against sap-feeding and chewing insects.

1Campbell, Krumm and Prasifka. (2021) Ridgeback™ with Isoclast® Active: a new broad-spectrum insecticide for management of soybean aphids.


Ridgeback is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.