Using Elevore® Herbicide for Customers’ Spring Burndowns

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Post harvest corn field

When it comes to starting your customers’ soybean fields off right, an early spring burndown application is almost always a good idea. If the weather conditions and timing allow for it in 2022, an early spring burndown will give farmers a clean slate ahead of planting, paving the way for their preemergence herbicide applications.

Recipe for a Good Burndown

Historically, many farmers have relied on an early spring burndown mix of glyphosate and dicamba to take care of broadleaf and grass weeds. However, over the years, a large swath of the weed spectrum has developed resistance to glyphosate.

The problems go beyond that resistance, too. Larry Steckel is an Extension weed specialist at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. In the article "A Shift in Early Burndown Strategy," Steckel explains that dicamba has been found to antagonize glyphosate, causing poor control of grass weeds like ryegrass, junglerice and johnsongrass.

That’s why, Steckel says in the article, he now recommends a mix of glyphosate and clethodim for early spring burndown applications. This mix isn’t perfect either though, says Steckel, who explains that it can be weak on some broadleaf weeds, particularly glyphosate-resistant marestail (horseweed).

Elevate Your Customers’ Burndown

In his article, Steckel says several farmers asked him last year what they can add to their burndown mix that will help control broadleaves without sacrificing control of grasses. 

One of Steckel’s recommendations is Elevore® herbicide. He says he reviewed several data sets that were specifically related to Italian ryegrass and found Elevore to be a good choice to add to the early spring burndown mix, because it controls broadleaf weeds well without antagonizing ryegrass control from glyphosate/clethodim. 

Here are some fast facts about Elevore:

  • The active ingredient in Elevore, Arylex® active, provides thorough control of labeled broadleaf weeds, including marestail (horseweed), without regrowth. In fact, the solution can control marestail up to 8 inches tall.
  • Elevore has a low use rate of 1 ounce per acre, making it a great fit in reduced- and no-till operations.
  • Elevore is tank-mix-compatible with many commonly used burndown and residual partners, including glyphosate. 
  • Elevore can be applied up to 14 days before your customers plant their soybeans.


If your farmers are looking for an addition to their early spring burndowns that will offer strong broadleaf control and allow for good grass control, Elevore could be a great choice for them. Talk with your local Corteva Agriscience representative about using Elevore on your customers’ soybean fields this spring.

Arylex is a registered active ingredient. Elevore® is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Consult the label before purchase or use for full details. Always read and follow label directions. 

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