China Safety Certificate

The requested China Safety Certificate(s) will be provided to the Requester to assist in obtaining required authorizations for shipments containing the above marked Product(s) into China. Requestor hereby acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  • The Safety Certificates are based on proprietary packages of safety information provided by Dow AgroSciences to the Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC and the underlying data was developed and submitted by Dow AgroSciences at considerable expense.
  • Requestor agrees to use the Safety Certificate(s) only for the purpose of obtaining the required authorization(s) to import shipments containing the corresponding above marked Product(s) into China. 
  • Requestor will not provide a copy of such Certificate(s), directly or otherwise, to any third party other than majority owned or controlled affiliates of Requester.  Requestor’s unauthorized provision of a Safety Certificate to a third party may cause substantial detriment to Dow AgroSciences.
  • Requestor will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the transactions or activities for which the Safety Certificate(s) is used.Product(s) listed on the Safety Certificate are approved in China for human food and animal feed uses only.  Requestor will ensure that Product(s) imported into China will be used as raw materials for processing for food and feed use only and will not be used for planting, cultivation, breeding, crop production or research purposes.  Requestor agrees to take reasonable safety control measures to ensure that raw materials of the Product(s) imported will not be released into the environment or used in a way that would cause potential risk to biological diversity, sustainable utilization, or human health.
  • The Safety Certificates(s) may not be used except in accordance with these terms. Dow AgroSciences and/or its affiliates which provide a Safety Certificate(s) to the Requestor reserve the right to withdraw the use of the Safety Certificate(s) by Requestor upon 24 hours notice if, in the sole discretion of Dow AgroSciences, the Requester is not in compliance with these terms.




Your request will be processed in 3-5 business days. 



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