Press Release •  7/19/2018

Education Remains a Pillar of the Enlist™ Weed Control System

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Enlist Ahead has informed users, promoted stewardship from the start

Successful herbicide application requires not only controlling weeds but also controlling any potential impact on nearby crops or vegetation.

From the beginning, education has been one of the keys to launching the Enlist weed control system. At the start, we understood the importance of committing resources to help farmers understand this technology and use it correctly.

During seed production and early commercialization, farmers who’ve applied Enlist herbicides according to the label have controlled their toughest weed challenges while taking advantage of lower potential for physical drift and near-zero volatility enabled by Colex-D® technology.

Three pillars support technology

Dow AgroSciences has made stewardship education a strong plank in the development of the Enlist technology. The Enlist system includes three important pillars:

1.  The Enlist trait, which allows farmers to apply Enlist herbicides postemergence on Enlist cotton, corn and soybeans.

2.  Enlist herbicides, including Enlist Duo® and Enlist One herbicides, which control tough broadleaf weeds that increasingly challenge farmers.

3.  The Enlist Ahead management resource, which is designed to help farmers succeed while promoting the responsible use of the Enlist system.

We developed Enlist Ahead with extensive input from farmers and other key stakeholders. This management resource has been a vital part of our Enlist program since 2012, well before Enlist crops and herbicides were in farmers’ fields.

Enlist Ahead resources focus on the proactive management of weed resistance, minimizing potential for off-target movement of Enlist herbicides and promoting trait stewardship.

Enlist Ahead training combines in-field training experiences, classroom-style instructor-led sessions and online training. We support training with robust literature and reference materials on, as well as access to our team of in-field experts to help advise about field planning, sprayer set up and application planning.

When I’m visiting with farmers, one of the first things I like to do is understand where they plan to plant their Enlist crops. Together, we’ll look at what crops are in neighboring fields, weed pressure and types of weeds in the field. Then we can tailor a plan to help make herbicide applications succeed.

Enlist representatives have worked with and trained tens of thousands of farmers, applicators and retailers at in-field demonstrations. We take an integrated approach to training, with in-field, online and classroom-style initiatives. We’ve shared technology demonstrations in locations across the entire Corn Belt and Cotton Belt.

Among the tools available online are the Product Use Guide, Sprayer Cleanout Guide, Application Guide and the Enlist Ahead detailer, which includes information on a helpful Enlist Ahead app, incentives and other benefits. Users also can watch educational videos.

Designed for the farmer, applicator and retailer, Enlist Ahead helps users adopt the Enlist system with confidence.

As Dow AgroSciences transitions into Corteva Agriscience, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, the company remains committed to the Enlist herbicide-tolerant trait technology. Key to this commitment is continued education to help farmers get the most from this landmark technology through responsible use.

Follow farmers who are using the Enlist Ahead resources this summer as they report on their Enlist crops at Experiencing Enlist. Also check out our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter at @EnlistOnline.

About the author: David Hillger, Ph.D., is herbicide traits field specialist who covers the eastern Corn Belt. He brings his weed science expertise to farmers who want to know more about Enlist technology, weed control and on-target application.

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