Press Release •  2/15/2018

Crucial harvest-time insecticide applications approved

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Label change for Delegate® WG insecticide affects berries

INDIANAPOLIS — Delegate® WG insecticide has received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency to add a one-day preharvest interval to its label for most bushberry crops, including blueberries.

The label addition allows fruit producers to apply Delegate at a one-day preharvest interval (PHI), enabling producers to better control spotted wing drosophila (SWD) and other damaging pests during harvest when control is critical to fruit quality. 

“Delegate is an innovative and effective foundation in growers’ battle against destructive pests such as SWD. This label change will greatly enhance growers’ flexibility in managing those pests,” says Dr. Alejandro Calixto, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences.

Delegate contains spinetoram—an innovative active ingredient that delivers fast knockdown of a broad spectrum of yield-robbing insects, including Oriental fruit moth, leafminer, leafroller, thrips, SWD and many worms.

Delegate® WG insecticide effectively controls insects and worms through translaminar, contact and ingestion activity. A Group 5 insecticide, Delegate offers a unique mode of action that is ideal for insecticide resistance management. It has minimal impact on beneficials and does not flare mites. Delegate also offers growers convenience, with a short four-hour re-entry interval, giving growers maximum management flexibility.

Special-use label restrictions for the one-day PHI use pattern include: Do not exceed the application rate of 17.9 ounces of Delegate insecticide per acre, per year when applying the product within one day of harvest; do not exceed more than three applications per calendar year; and do not use application intervals less than labeled. Applications may not be made less than 12 days apart between the second and third applications. The third application is applied within one day of harvest.

A three-day PHI restriction also remains under the Federal Section 3 label, allowing for a maximum of 19.5 ounces of Delegate applied per acre, per year, and up to six applications per calendar year.

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