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How Nitrogen Stabilizers Stop the Loss From Any Nitrogen Source

Nitrogen stabilizers deliver maximum profit by extending nitrogen availability during the key growth stages of corn. Our stabilizers work underground, where up to 70% of nitrogen loss can occur.  

N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizer works with anhydrous ammonia, while Instinct® nitrogen stabilizer maximizes nitrogen when used with UAN, urea and liquid manure. 

Nitrogen When Your Corn Needs It

Corn uses nitrogen in two forms: ammonium (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3–). But it prefers ammonium — because that form is easier for the plant to absorb and less susceptible to loss. 

But ammonium can’t help your corn if it’s beyond the reach of the plants’ roots during critical growth times. N-Serve® and Instinct® nitrogen stabilizers act to slow down the bacteria that convert ammonium to nitrate, keeping nitrogen in the ammonium form longer. That means it’s there when your corn is ready for it — so your crop can reach maximum yield potential. 

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51% Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions*

The exclusive Optinyte™ technology found in N-Serve and Instinct reduces denitrification, reducing the escape of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

16% Less Leaching N*

N-Serve and Instinct reduce the leaching of nitrates into groundwater by keeping the ammonium form of nitrogen available longer, ready for crop uptake. 


6 to 8 More Weeks in the Soil

By extending nitrogen availability in the soil for up to eight weeks, N-Serve and Instinct keep nitrogen available and ready when corn needs it most: during critical growth stages. 

28% Greater Soil Retention*

Healthy crops start with healthy soil. N-Serve and Instinct work below the soil’s surface to help retain nitrogen in the soil longer so it’s available when crops need it for maximum growth. 

Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

Add N-Serve to BOTH spring and fall anhydrous ammonia to get the maximum benefit. Nitrogen protected with N-Serve can withstand early season moisture events by keeping nitrogen in the ideal ammonium form longer, so it can help maximize your yield potential. 

Do not fall-apply anhydrous ammonia south of Highway 16 in the state of Illinois.

UAN (28% or 32%)

Spring rainfall drives nitrogen lower into soil profiles, out of the reach of corn roots. Instinct is easily mixed with UAN fertilizer solutions to protect spring-applied nitrogen applications. Get the max from your UAN applications to get the max yield at harvest. 


More Midwest farmers are adopting urea as their nitrogen source for spring, fall and sidedress applications. Instinct allows for easy impregnation onto urea applications. No matter when you apply urea, make sure it's protected so your crops receive the maximum nitrogen when they need it most.

Liquid Manure

Instinct can be easily mixed into the pit prior to liquid manure applications in spring or fall. University of Minnesota research shows Instinct nitrogen stabilizer applied with fall swine manure provided 10- to 12-bushel-per-acre-yield increase and reduced grain moisture by approximately 1.3 percentage point at harvest.1

1Vetsch, J., and J. Lamb. 2011. Applying Instinct™ as a nitrogen stabilizer for fall applied manure.

Increased Yield*

N-Serve and Instinct are proven to increase yield by 5.2% when used with spring nitrogen applications and by 7% when used with fall applications. 

How Much Could You Be Saving? 

Use our calculators to find out. 

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See how much nitrogen stabilizers can add to your bottom line. 

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Understand how much nitrogen loss may occur in your fields when it is left unstabilized. 

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Find the Tools to Extend Nitrogen

Healthy crops and healthy profits – it all depends on healthy soil. Nitrogen stabilizers from Corteva Agriscience deliver unrivaled technology to help you protect any nitrogen source. 

How Does Your State Max Out?

For over 40 years and more than 1,000 field trials and university studies, N-Serve® and Instinct® nitrogen stabilizers have delivered bottom-line results. See the results from a field near you.

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Maximize Your Nitrogen Management

N-Serve® and Instinct NXTGEN® nitrogen stabilizers are part of the Nutrient Maximizers portfolio from Corteva Agriscience. See how this suite of solutions can optimize your nitrogen use to increase yield potential and enhance sustainability efforts. 

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Take a deep dive into the science of stabilization, practical tips for nitrogen management and the thought leadership of a 40-year category leader. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered the most common questions regarding how N-Serve® and Instinct® nitrogen stabilizers work to maximize nitrogen and the proof behind the technology.  

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Do not fall-apply anhydrous ammonia south of Highway 16 in the state of Illinois.

*Wolt, J.D. 2004. A meta-evaluation of nitrapyrin agronomic and environmental effectiveness with emphasis on corn production in the midwestern USA. doi:10.1023/B:FRES.0000025287.52565.99.

™®Instinct is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Federal law does not require any person who applies or supervises the use of Instinct to be certified in accordance with EPA regulations and state, territorial and tribal laws. Some states may have additional requirements related to liquid manure and nitrogen stabilizers. Be sure to consult your state or local Extension service to understand your requirements. When applying Instinct to deep pits, appropriate manure agitation safety steps should be followed: Instinct should be applied directly to the deep pit prior to pumping the pit; a thorough agitation system must be operating in order to evenly distribute Instinct within the deep pit; applicators and handlers of Instinct and manure treated with Instinct are required to use proper protective equipment as stated on the product label; air ventilation systems must be operational inside barns. Always read and follow label directions.