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Lannate® LV


Goes to work quickly

With both contact and translaminar activity, Lannate® LV insecticide is effective on insects that not only feed on top of the leaf, but also the bottom, including armyworms, cereal leaf beetle, aphids, thrips, earworms, European corn borer, corn rootworm adults, flea beetle, picnic beetle, variegated cutworm, sorghum midge and sorghum webworm. Lannate LV adds another mode of action to help manage the threat of resistance. Lannate LV offers significant flexibility, working over a wide range of temperatures.


Supplemental Information

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Controlled pests

This product delivers effective pest control against the following:

  • Aphid
  • Armyworm
  • Beetle
  • Bollworm
  • Budworm
  • Bug
  • Cabbageworm
  • Corn Borer
  • Cutworm
  • Fleahopper
  • Fruitworm
  • Leafhopper
  • Leafminer
  • Leafroller
  • Looper
  • Maggot
  • Midge
  • Moth
  • Plant Bug
  • Weevil

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State Registrations

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Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
  • Insecticide Group

    For resistance management, Lannate® LV insecticide is a Group 1A insecticide.

  • Approved Use

    Lannate LV is a water-soluble liquid that is applied by foliar application to control many important insect pests.

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