• Herbicide

Provides Exceptional Crop Rotation Options

Applied as an early-season preplant application to corn, cotton or soybeans, LeadOff® herbicide helps maintain a clean seedbed, allowing the soil to warm up faster and enabling improved stand establishment.

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Wider Application Window Offers Planting Flexibility

Crop rotation options and planting flexibility is critical when responding to changing commodity prices or unpredictable weather. Applied 30 days prior to planting, LeadOff® creates a clean seedbed for planting cotton and soybeans, and corn can be planted immediately after application.

Contact Plus Residual Weed Control Gets Crops Off to the Best Start

LeadOff® complements contact herbicides by boosting their activity and adding residual control of marestail, annual bluegrass, henbit and other winter annual weeds, giving corn, cotton, or soybeans a healthy, vigorous start.

Controlled weeds

This product delivers effective weed control against the following:

  • Alfalfa, Volunteer
  • Barley, Volunteer (Hordeum vulgare)
  • Barnyard Grass
  • Bluegrass, Annual (Poa annua)
  • Buckwheat, Common (Fagopyrum esculentum)
  • Buttercup, Smallflower (Ranunculus parviflorus)
  • Chickweed, Common (Stellaria media)
  • Curly Dock
  • Foxtail, Bristly (Setaria verticillata)
  • Foxtail, Giant (Setaria faberi)
  • Foxtail, Green (Setaria viridis)
  • Foxtail, Yellow (Pennisetum glaucum)
  • Geranium
  • Groundsel, Common (Senecio vulgaris)
  • Henbit
  • Knotweed, Prostrate (Polygonum aviculare)
  • Lambsquarters, Common (Chenopodium album)
  • Mustard, Wild (Brassica campestris)
  • Panicum, Fall (Brachiaria fasciculata)
  • Pennycress, Field (Thlaspi arvense)
  • Smartweed, Ladysthumb (Polygonum persicaria L.)
  • Smartweed, Pennsylvania (Polygonum pensylvanicum)
  • Velvetleaf
  • Wheat, Volunteer (Triticum aestivum)

Refer to the Product Label for complete product efficacy information.

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State Registrations

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient

    Rimsulfuron; thifensulfuron-methyl

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LeadOff® is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.