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Two modes of action and introduces a distinct active ingredient new to the cereals market.

Pending regulatory approval, Tolvera™ herbicide is another tool to help farmers combat herbicide-resistant weeds. With two modes of action, including a new active for the cereal herbicides market, tolpyralate. Tolvera is the unique cereal herbicide with novel chemistry that effectively manages hard to control broadleaf weeds and foxtail, while providing superior crop rotation flexibility.


Active ingredient new to cereals

Tolvera herbicide will offer a dual mode of action herbicide containing tolpyralate — an active ingredient new to the cereals market — and bromoxynil.

  • Contains two modes of action — Groups 27 and 6 — that help combat herbicide resistance.
  • Offers a non-fluroxypyr weed control option for resistance management.


Control of high-anxiety weeds

  • Will deliver a non-Group 4 herbicide for kochia control with the ability to tank mix with Groups 1 and 2 herbicides.
  • Controls high-anxiety weeds such as kochia, foxtail, barnyardgrass, resistant waterhemp, wild buckwheat and wild mustards.
  • Offers robust broadleaf control without reliance on ALS or auxin modes of action.

Rotational flexibility

  • Will enable crop rotation to lentils, peas, potatoes, canola and more.
  • Offers a nine-month plant-back to most major crops.
  • Freedom to rotate to the crop that best improves profitability potential.

Weeds Controlled

This product delivers effective weed control against the following:

  • Bedstraw, Catchweed (Galium aparine)
  • Buckwheat
  • Canola, Volunteer
  • Chickweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Foxtail, Green
  • Foxtail, Yellow
  • Kochia
  • Lamb's-quarters
  • Millet, Wild-proso, Proso Millet, Volunteer (Panicum miliaceum)
  • Mustard
  • Pigweed
  • Russian Thistle
  • Shepherd's-purse
  • Smartweed, Pale, or Green (Polygonum lapathifolium (P. scabrum))
  • Smartweed, Pennsylvania (Polygonum pensylvanicum)
  • Tansy mustard (Descurainia pinnata brachycarpa)
  • Waterhemp

Refer to the Product Label for complete product efficacy information.

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Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient

    Tolpyralate (Group 27)

    Bromoxynil (Group 6)

  • Mode of Action

    Tolpyralate is a HPPD inhibitor (Group 27) and Bbromoxynil is a photosynthesis II inhibitor (Group 6).

  • Application Rate

    Application Rate (pending regulatory approval) – 11 oz/A

    Proposed Spray volume

    Ground: 8 gal/A

    Aerial: 5 gal/A

  • Application Timing

    Proposed application timing:

    • Apply 1-leaf crop growth stage up to the jointing stage (first node, Zadoks scale 31)


Tolvera herbicide has not yet received regulatory approval; approvals are pending. The information provided here is not an offer for sale. Contact your pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.