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As you evaluate your pasture management goals and objectives for the upcoming grazing season, keep in mind how maximizing forage production and utilization impact your operation. The reach stretches far beyond helping keep feed costs in check.

Consider reproductive performance and its impact on your bottom line. A higher calving rate lowers your breakeven. For example, weaning 10% more 500-pound calves drops your breakeven 8 to 14 cents, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Your cost to maintain cows is another major factor in this analysis. The less you spend, the better the result. Ample, high-quality grazing can help cut feed costs, support cow body condition and help improve calf gains.

Extension beef specialists across the country recommend a number of management practices to increase reproductive performance and herd efficiency. The accompanying table summarizes several of these advisories with a second column from the Range & Pasture experts at Corteva Agriscience that outlines how pasture improvement may enhance these management routines.

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