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Soybean Seed Treatments

Midseason soybean field

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Not all soybean seed treatments are created equal. Protect your customer's seed investment with premium seed treatments from Corteva Agriscience™.

Plant with confidence as multiple modes of action protect against common soybean diseases. 

C-1019FI featuring

C-1020FI featuring

Premium Protection with C-1019FI  and C-1020FI soybean seed treatment blends featuring Lumisena® fungicide seed treatment.

Built with superior protection in mind, C-1019FI and C-1020FI premium seed treatment offers with multiple modes of action against yield-robbing diseases. Their robust foundation of patented ingredients is designed to enhance disease and insect protection, delivering seedling protection and improved yield potential across the field.




Optimized Soybean Seedling Protection

Ideal product for customers who are focused on high yield potential on a cover crop acre while seeking enhanced stand uniformity and insect protection with multiple modes of action.

DISCOVER MORE ABOUT Lumiderm® insecticide seed treatment

C-1019FI and C-1020FI premium custom blends come with colorant, high quality polymer and stabilizer to ensure proper application and premium appearance. Additional products are available to compliment our soybean seed treatment blends. 


  • Lumisena
  • Lumiflex
  • Metalxyl
  • DPX-YT669



  • Imidacloprid


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  • Ilevo®
  • L-120+ Inoculant