Qrome® products

Optimized rootworm protection


Qrome® brand products deliver the best balance of corn rootworm protection, agronomic performance and yield potential.


High yield potential

Corn seed field approaching seed

Enhanced yield potential as demonstrated by on-farm trials, delivering an 8.5 bu/A yield advantage over competitive SmartStax® technology.

Proven CRW protection

Pioneer corn research field

Advanced above- and below-ground protection, including two modes of action for CRW. Qrome products contain a proprietary transgenic event featuring a molecular stack of the proven Bt proteins from the Herculex® I and Herculex® RW traits.

Extensive testing

view of corn field

With more than 7,500 on-farm and IMPACT™ trials under a variety of conditions and environments across the U.S. since 2015, Qrome products deliver confidence and results.

¹Qrome product performance data is based on the average of comparisons made in the United States through 11/11/22. Comparisons are against all competitors, segment matched, and within a +/- 3 CRM of the competitive brand. Competitive products are products other than those marketed and/or sold by a member of the Corteva Agriscience group of companies.

²Efficacy from multiple trials with moderate & high CRW pressure at 8 locations in 2014, 6 locations in 2015, 8 locations in 2016, 8 locations in 2017, 10 locations in 2018, 9 locations in 2019, and 15 locations in 2020.

Agrisure® is a registered trademark of, and used under license from, a Syngenta Group Company. Agrisure® technology incorporated into these seeds is commercialized under a license from Syngenta Crop Protection AG. Roundup Ready® is a registered trademark used under license from Monsanto Company. Liberty®, LibertyLink® and the Water Droplet Design are trademarks of BASF.

Q (Qrome®) - Contains a single-bag integrated refuge solution for above- and below-ground insects. The major component contains the Agrisure® RW trait, the Bt trait, and the Herculex® XTRA genes. In EPA-designated cotton growing counties, a 20% separate corn borer refuge must be planted with Qrome products.