Fight Canada Thistle Competition

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When drought hits the northern Plains, it jeopardizes wheat crops and can create ideal conditions for increased Canada thistle competition. A hot summer creates a heavy moisture draw, causing plants to begin heading, and reducing ground cover.

Canada thistle has a competitive advantage because its deeper roots capture moisture the grain can’t reach. Soil also receives full sunlight amid sparse wheat stands. 

Obtaining Effective Control

A perennial weed with deep roots, Canada thistle is extrememely competitive.

“Canada thistle grows from the roots as well as the seed. Choosing the right chemistry and timing for postemergence control is critical,” Yenish says. “Clopyralid, an active ingredient in PerfectMatch herbicide, is the industry standard for postemergence in-season control of this noxious weed.”

Herbicide Program

PerfectMatch® is a broad-spectrum herbicide that effectively controls annual grasses along with annual broadleaves such as perennial Canada thistle.

PerfectMatch can be the foundation of a wheat grower’s weed management program by offering the broadest spectrum in one herbicide solution. With one application, PerfectMatch offers control of 86 broadleaf weeds and 13 grasses, including:

  • Grasses like wild oats (including ACCase-resistant biotypes), cheat, barnyardgrass, Persian darnel and yellow foxtail, plus suppression of green foxtail and downy brome
  • Broadleaves like kochia, wild mustard, wild buckwheat, lambsquarters, redroot pigweed and season-long control of Canada thistle

PerfectMatch offers a wide application window for greater flexibility. Apply PerfectMatch in the spring to actively growing wheat from the three-leaf to jointing stage. Apply to grasses at the two-leaf stage to the two-tiller stage of growth and to broadleaves before they are more than 2 inches tall or 2 inches in diameter.

In addition, PerfectMatch® herbicide has two modes of action — Group 2 and Group 4 chemistries that deliver powerful postemergence weed control, battle resistance and manage larger weeds.