Top Corn Herbicide Solutions for 2023

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Sprayer in field early spring

From preplant to postemergence, corn herbicides from Corteva Agriscience can give your customers power over weeds. Consider the following solutions for the 2023 growing season.

Start the Season Off Strong

Kicking off the year with a clean burndown ensures cornfields are ready to plant and enhances the performance of postemergence herbicide applications later in the year. The following corn herbicides can provide optimum results from 28 days before planting until initial plant emergence:

  • Resicore® XL herbicide — Boasting three proven modes of action, Resicore XL controls more than 75 broadleaf and grass weeds to increase crop safety and flexibility on corn up to 24 inches tall. Resicore XL also is compatible with a variety of tank-mix partners, including micronutrients, atrazine, glyphosate and other corn herbicides.
  • SureStart® II herbicide — SureStart II controls more than 60 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including marestail; common and giant ragweed; waterhemp; pigweed; and glyphosate-, triazine- or ALS-resistant weeds.
  • Keystone® NXT herbicide – Keystone NXT consistently controls foxtail, barnyardgrass, crabgrass, waterhemp, pigweed, lambsquarters and nightshades with only ¼ inch of rain required for activation.
  • FulTime® NXT herbicide — FulTime NXT delivers time-released control of foxtail, black nightshade, waterhemp and other problem weeds in no-till, reduced tillage and fields with heavy residue.
  • Surpass® NXT herbicide — Surpass NXT provides early season residual control of common grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds.

Enhancing Postemergence Control

To maximize weed control after planting, consider a postemergence application of Kyro™ herbicide. Kyro is the first corn herbicide to combine the three proven modes of action of acetochlor, clopyralid and topramezone in a single premix for both postemergence and residual control of more than 65 of the toughest broadleaf and grass weeds.

The strong in-season postemergence activity of Kyro complements farmers’ existing preemergence corn herbicides, making it a perfect fit in a two-pass program approach with the other Corteva Agriscience corn herbicides listed above.

Download your copy of the program approach here.

You can learn more about each of these solutions at PowerOverWeeds.com. With the right plan and program-enhancing solutions on your side, 2023 could be your customers’ best year yet.

FulTime® NXT, Keystone® LA NXT and Keystone NXT are Restricted Use Pesticides. FulTime NXT, Keystone LA NXT, Kyro™, Realm® Q, Resicore®, Resicore XL, SureStart® II and Surpass® NXT are not registered for sale or use in all states. Keystone NXT is not available for sale, distribution or use in all states. FulTime NXT, Keystone LA NXT, Kyro, Resicore, Resicore XL, SureStart II and Surpass NXT are not available for sale, distribution or use in Nassau and Suffolk counties in the state of New York. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.



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