Clean Sprayer Equipment Thoroughly Between Herbicides, Keep Customer Happy

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3 Key Takeaways from This Article:

- Clean all sprayer equipment before entering a field of Enlist E3™ soybeans.
- Clean all the equipment again after spraying an Enlist™ herbicide. Use a triple rinse and clean as soon as possible after spraying.
- Make sure to clean all parts and components that come in contact with a herbicide: Think beyond the tank.

We often hear farmers and applicators talk about tank cleanout. But herbicides come into contact with many parts of the sprayer and transfer equipment, so applicators should clean the entire spraying system to prevent potential damage to the next crop.

“Follow label directions for a good, clean start,” says Dan Puck, Enlist™ field specialist. “As we come into the field, we want to make sure all our equipment is clean and we aren’t carrying any residual traces of herbicide on that equipment.”

For example, Puck says, make sure you don’t have corn herbicides or dicamba contamination if you’re entering a field of Enlist E3™ soybeans.

“When you’re done spraying an Enlist herbicide, it’s time to clean out your equipment again before moving into another field,” Puck says. “It’s better to clean your equipment as soon as possible after spraying. It’s a best practice not to let your equipment sit overnight with herbicide residues in the system.”

Enlist herbicides require a triple-rinse process, a common sprayer tank cleanout practice. If you use a tank cleaner, use it during the second rinse step.

But don’t stop at the tank. Be sure to clean all the parts the herbicide reaches.

“You want to make sure you get all the parts and components of the system,” Puck says. “That includes things like your pumps, filters, screens, nozzles, booms and the boom ends. Make sure the entire system is cleaned out.”

Puck says cleanout applies to any other equipment that comes in contact with herbicides such as a tender tank and transfer equipment.

“Specific directions are on the label and in the Enlist product use guide,” Puck says. “It’s a good idea to review them until you’re thoroughly familiar with and comfortable with the appropriate cleanout process.”

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