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A whole new way to see the potential of your land.

You know your land. But you’ve never known it like this. Introducing LANDVisor™ advanced brush management. For the first time, get a comprehensive view of your land, revealing actionable insights to make the right decisions at the right time. LANDVisor combines sophisticated imagery, data, technology and expert guidance to give you confidence in your land management decisions.

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“With this program, you don’t have to guess. LANDVisor is a game-changer.”

K.C. Windham, Rancher

A solution as far-reaching as your land.

LANDVisor advanced brush management is not just tech. It’s a total solution for you. See the big picture of your land. Make better-informed decisions about land management, including precision control of your mesquite. Know exactly when to treat problem vegetation. It’s a little peace of mind for that big piece of land.

Advanced Data and Image Technology

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Using advanced imagery combined with GIS technology and field data collection, LANDVisor provides detailed information on forage productivity and vegetation, including the density of desirable and undesirable plant species.

Industry Expertise

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A Certified LANDVisor Consultant with deep experience in vegetation management is with you every step of the way. They initiate the process, collect field data and walk you through LANDVisor customized insights. Certified LANDVisor Consultants partner with a Certified LANDVisor Applicator and a Corteva Range & Pasture Specialist to ensure proper timing of best-in-class herbicide treatments.

Actionable Insights

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Learn precisely where and when to spray your mesquite to unlock forage productivity and plant diversity on your land, maximizing return on investment. Evaluate stocking and wildlife habitat potential and continue to monitor your land after treatment.

Tough decisions made easier.

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Ryan Simpson, Rancher

“It just helped me to really target and give me a plan on what I needed to do."

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K.C. Windham, Rancher

“It gives you tools to make better decisions and tells you what improvements you can make.”

Stay informed

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Developed by the leading pure-play agriculture company.

LANDVisor advanced brush management was developed by Corteva Agriscience, a publicly traded pure-play agriculture company headquartered in the U.S. We invest in technology and solutions that empower farmers to become better stewards of their land.

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