Spot It and Stop It: Chickweed

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Flowering chickweed

Although known for its supposed medicinal and culinary values, common chickweed (Stellaria media) is likely more familiar to homeowners and lawn care professionals as a weed.

Found in virtually all types of turf and soils, chickweed can grow in just about any environment. It is also an enthusiastic reproducer, making thorough control essential.

How to Spot Chickweed

Chickweed is a low-growing plant with oval-shaped leaves on opposing sides of the stem; leaves are pointed with smooth, nonserrated edges. During flowering, chickweed displays small flowers at the tips of each stem. The flowers feature five petals, although individual petals are split and can give the appearance of two petals.

How to Stop Chickweed

Chickweed can be controlled through cultural measures, such as hand weeding, increasing turf density, or using weed barriers in landscape beds; however, herbicides offer a valuable tool for the lawn or turf care professional.

Gallery® specialty herbicide provides season-long preemergence control of over 90 broadleaf weeds, including chickweed, and can be applied over-the-top or around more than 700 ornamentals and grasses. Gallery specialty herbicide is available in a dry flowable or liquid formulation.

Crew® specialty herbicide offers extended preemergence control of over 120 broadleaf weeds, including chickweed. Crew specialty herbicide can be used in turfgrasses or landscape beds and can be applied on or around more than 400 ornamentals and turf types. Labeled for use in residential and commercial turf, golf courses, campgrounds, parks and recreation areas, and more.

The adaptability of chickweed to a wide range of conditions and soil types — plus its ability to produce seeds quickly after germination — can make the weed a frustrating enemy in turf or landscape environments, therefore select Gallery and or Crew and reduce your frustration. For more information on control of chickweed and other weeds, contact your local Corteva Agriscience representative.


Crew® is not registered for sale, distribution or use in New York. Other state restrictions on the sale and use of Crew may apply. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.


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