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Transform® WG


Win the battle against insects

Transform® WG insecticide provides outstanding control of targeted insects across multiple crops throughout the United States. This distinctive chemistry provides excellent control of sucking and piercing insects, including tarnished plant bug in cotton and aphids in sorghum. The protection offered by Transform empowers growers to protect yield potential as part of an effective insect management program.

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More benefits and options

Transform® WG insecticide features Isoclast active (sulfoxaflor) and is the only member of the Group 4C class of insecticides. This means Transform offers more benefits and options for growers.

Effective control

Transform effectively controls sap-feeding insects by contact and ingestion through translaminar activity, effectively reaching those out of the direct line of spray. 

Knockdown plus resistance management

Delivering excellent knockdown plus residual control, Transform also provides a needed rotation option for resistance management programs.

Controlled pests

This product delivers effective pest control against the following:

  • Aphid
  • Greenbug
  • Leafhopper
  • Plant Bug
  • Psyllid
  • Stink Bug
  • Thrips
  • Whitefly

Refer to the Product Label for complete product efficacy information.

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State Registrations

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Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient

    Isoclast active (sulfoxaflor)

  • Insecticide Group

    Transform® WG insecticide contains a Group 4C insecticide.

  • Approved Use

    For control or suppression of aphids, fleahoppers, plant bugs, stink bugs, whiteflies and certain psyllids, scales and thrips on: canola (rapeseed) (subgroup 20A), root andtuber vegetables (crop groups 1A and 1B), potatoes (crop groups 1C and 1D), succulents, edible podded and dry beans, triticale and wheat. 

  • Tank Mixes

™ ®Transform WG is not registered by U.S. EPA for sale or use on cotton, sorghum or alfalfa. Transform has Section 18 Specific Emergency Exemptions for use on cotton to treat tarnished plant bug, sorghum to treat sugarcane aphid, or alfalfa to treat lygus in select states. Applications for Section 18 Specific Emergency Exemptions in additional cotton-, sorghum-, and alfalfa-producing states may be pending. To learn more about Transform, to see which states or political subdivisions thereof have Section 18 Specific Emergency Exemptions, to see the limitations on the use of Transform under the Section 18 Specific Emergency Exemption labels, and to find a list of retailers that may carry this product under a Section 18 exemption, call 800-258-3033 or email Always read and follow label directions..