Solutions for Bareground Results

Electric power substation herbicide application

Manage Sites with Total Vegetation Control

Innovative bareground solutions are the backbone of successful total vegetation control programs. From substations and roadsides to railroads and gravel lots, we help vegetation managers deliver long-lasting results with a complete portfolio of products for bareground control, including Piper® EZ herbicide. 

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Introducing Piper EZ

Manage roadsides for total vegetation control

Piper® EZ herbicide contains two active ingredients with differing modes of action that strengthen weed resistance management. As essential components of total vegetation control programs, these chemistries selectively control annual ryegrass and enhance activity on ALS resistant weeds while providing pre-emergence and early post-emergence control of other annual weeds and grasses.

Our Complete Portfolio of Bareground Solutions

Regardless of the industrial vegetation management market you serve, our portfolio of solutions can help you effectively manage sites where total vegetation control is required. Explore the product selections below to determine which products best fit your needs.

Piper® EZ Herbicide

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Piper® EZ herbicide controls more than 75 broadleaf and grass weed species when applied as a preemergence or early postemergence treatment along roadsides, railroads and utility substations.

TerraVue® Herbicide

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Applications of TerraVue® herbicide can be made by broadcast pretreatment or spot treatment at a rate of up to 5.7 ounces per acre to enhance total vegetation control programs.

TerraVue also can be used in tandem with Piper EZ herbicide and other tank-mix partners to extend residual and postemergence activity after targeted species emerge earlier in the year.

Accord® XRT II Herbicide

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Accord® XRT II herbicide contains a proprietary blend of surfactants to deliver superior, nonselective control of annual and perennial weeds, grasses and woody plants — particularly on pine species.

As an excellent tank-mix partner for bareground applications where postemergence control is needed on certain species along railroads, roadsides and utility substations, Accord XRT II has a more concentrated formulation and low use rate, allowing vegetation managers to treat more acres per gallon.

Spike® 80DF Herbicide

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Spike® 80DF herbicide features a convenient dry-flowable formulation that is easier to handle and mix than wettable powders. This product’s chemistry delivers long-term brush control for more than 110 woody plants and offers nonselective preemergence control of grasses and broadleaf weeds in a variety of bareground areas. 

Opensight® Herbicide

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Opensight® herbicide is an excellent tank-mix partner for bareground treatments on roadsides, railroads and utility substations. This herbicide product features a convenient dry granule formulation that provides broader control with less effort and low use rates to help vegetation managers deliver season-long control.

Freelexx® Herbicide

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For bareground applications where postemergence control is needed on certain species, Freelexx herbicide is an approved tank-mix partner. This product enhances control of commonly targeted plant species, including carrot, kochia, pigweed, ragweed and thistle. 

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No More Container Storage and Handling Requirements

The Continuum® Prescription Control & Container Management System offers a closed-loop delivery solution that provides straight product or contract mixes for the unique needs of the land you manage. In addition to limiting container storage and handling requirements, Continuum reduces labor costs and accidental exposure to workers. 

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